Custom Homes

For over 20 years, Specialty Building Services has been proud to partner with Collier residents in helping to make their dream of a custom home a reality. For those who want what no one else has and for those who believe that their custom home should be as unique as the family residing, Specialty Building Services is the right choice.
When you entrust your vision with the expert designers and craftsman at Specialty Building Services, you will know that you have taken the most vital step in realizing your custom home dream. Specialty Building Services will work with you to make sure that every possible step is taken to make sure your individual custom home meets your every expectation. Specialty Building Services will work with you throughout the process to communicate the progress of the project ensuring that your inspiration is the guiding factor.

Specialty Building Services utilizes the very best in products, techniques and tools to make sure that your custom home will last for generations to come. You will be more than happy to walk your family and friends through every room of your inspiration realized – your custom home brought to you by your partners at Specialty Building Services. Large enough to meet every need – small enough to shake every hand – a trusted and proven partner, Specialty Building Services, realizing your vision, today.

Gaddis Family Room
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